Monday, April 27, 2009

Cover 2 (Vol. 1)

Here are some of the “better” Covers that we’ve come across. We’ll try to periodically go through a few batches that stand-out to us.


The Corrs - "When The Stars Go Blue" ft. Bono (2002) [Ryan Adams 2001]

OK, I'll admit I'm a big softie because Andrea Corr and Bono dancing is a major reason why I like this cover. But to be clear, I prefer the VH1 Live In Dublin version, not the link above.

Franz Ferdinand - "All My Friends" (2007) [LCD Soundsystem 2007]

Though it sounds like a New Order homage for the most part, the last 30 seconds go haywire, Franz Ferdinand-style.

Girls Against Boys - "She's Lost Control" (1995) [Joy Division 1979]

In a word: HEAVY. If the original was a hospital - clinical, sterile - then the GVSB version would be a strip club. The drums kick hard, the guitars are like nails on a chalkboard - the whole thing is (don't know if I'm using the term correctly) a hot mess. GVSB flip the lyrics around somewhat, and Scott McCloud comes up with this line @ 1:37 mark: "and you turn around and took me by the hand, she said... uh!" which then leads into the main melody... so cool.

Ted Leo - "Since U Been Gone/Maps" (2005) [Kelly Clarkson 2004 & YYYs 2003]

After living in Taiwan for several years, I remember coming back to the US and hearing the original for the first time, pleasantly surpised that it was the work of an American Idol. Leave it to wiki to school me on exactly why these 2 songs mash together so nicely: the transition... of course! Leo's hard and fast strumming is a welcome change to the YYYs' slower, gentler acoustic version, and the "Wait, they don't love you like I love you" lyric is an absolute classic.

The Vandals - "So Long, Farewell" (1998) [Rodgers and Hammerstein 1959]

Pretty straightforward pop-punk cover of the original that loses none of its charm in the translation. Dave Quackenbush totally nails the "Goodbyyyyyyye." Creative fan-made (?) video.


Radiohead – “Nobody Does it Better” (circa 1995) [made famous by Carly Simon 1977]

I actually prefer this version linked than the MTV version which actually shows them performing. But not sure if I prefer this cover over Anna Faris’ version in Lost in Translation.

Ben Fold – “Such Great Heights” (2006) [The Postal Service 2003]

Ben occasionally lags a little on the vocals but I guess he has to catch his breath sometime. I like the arpeggios and the “Macarena” is definitely a bonus. There’s also a decent cover by Rilo Kiley but I can’t tell whether Blake Sennett or Jenny Lewis is singing.

We are Scientists – “Hoppipolla” (circa 2006) [Sigur Ros 2005]

Singing in Icelandic and Hopelandic is no easy feat. Props to Keith Murray for his mimicry or hey, maybe he’s always been familiar with Icelandic. I prefer the live BBC version than the one I have linked. The one linked sounds a little “too clean” as compared to the version that I have which has some imperfections that I appreciate.

The Spinto Band – “I Think We’re Alone Now” (2006) [made famous by Tiffany 1987]

A very-underrated band (which gives me an idea of another post) – see: “Oh, Mandy”. Interesting video: it appears as if they were performing at a wedding. I like how one of the band members has to stand over and play the piano part while the actual guy in front of the piano has to sit there and just watch him. Clever drumming.

Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) – “This Modern Love” (circa 2005) [Bloc Party 2005]

When I first saw this, I was totally blown away by what he did with looping and still am. Owen bears an uncanny resemblance to Matthew Modine (see Gross Anatomy).

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